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Five Of The Best Cactus Socks

Five Of The Best Cactus Socks

Posted by Stephanie on 8th Sep 2018

Five Of The Best Cactus Socks

Saving the prickles for the plants and ensuring you don’t get itchy feet, cactus socks not only look cool but they’ll put a smile on your face with their quirky look. What’s more, with a pair of comfy cactus socks on your feet, you’ll be full of the cactus puns to share with anyone that admires your funky socks. After all, they’ll make sure you continue to look sharp, keep your feet on point and they’ll never desert you.

Had enough of our prickly puns? Before we get Caryophyllidae away, here are our top five favourite cactus socks that leave all other socks in the dust.

Top Five Cactus Socks

1. Doiy Design

While a cactus is a fail-safe plant for the amateur gardener, these socks are so much easier. These Doiy Design cactus socks come in a unique packaging design that looks like a real cactus plant. Making these socks look great on your feet as well as the windowsill. They’re super soft too, if you can bear to dismantle your no-fuss cactus plant for your feet’s needs.

2. Travel Socks Soxo Cactus

A popular choice thanks to the fun cactus design and stylish colour combination. These Soxo socks have all of the different cactus shapes and sizes so there will definitely be one to prickle your fancy. Check them out on the Travel Socks website, where you’ll also find yet another cactus joke from our repertoire.

3. Jimmy Lion Cactus Socks

Designed with festivals in mind, these cactus socks grab attention with their bright red band, toe and ankle cap and cacti design. The Jimmy Lion socks pay homage to Saguaro cactus which is native to the Sonora desert. They are super soft using combed cotton and the hand-linked toe shoes high-quality craftsmanship.

4. Many Mornings Cacti Socks

These controversial socks have got a huge following thanks to their unique mismatch design. The socks are bright, fun and unique and ideal for those grey, cloudy mornings as they’ll certainly brighten up your day. You can also find an option for mid-calf socks and low-rise socks too. What’s more, Many Mornings donate 5% of every purchase to charity, so you’re doing a good deed with every purchase.

5. Happy Socks Cactus Socks

Looking cool in the warm and adding desert heat in the winter, these socks look good all year around. Happy Socks cactus design is ideal to brighten your day. These socks are guaranteed to keep your toes cosy with its super sumptuous combed cotton. 

Thank you for taking time to read this. I hope we have helped you make the best choice when you are looking for cactus socks. 

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