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Corona Virus Lock Down Quiz (UK)

Corona Virus Lock Down Quiz (UK)

Posted by Top Sock on 27th Apr 2020

General Knowledge

1. How many varieties does Heinz boast it has on its labels?

2. Which is longer 30 meters, 60 Feet or 45 Yards?

3. How many varieties of Quality Street chocolates are there?

4. How old is the boxer Tyson Fury?

5. In what year is the next Commonwealth games?

6. What was last year’s UK Christmas Number 1?

7. Whom is third in line to inherit the title King or Queen of England?

8. What is the name of the Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds’s dog?

9. Who is the current leader of the Labour party?

10. What is the date of Father’s Day this year?

TV and Entertainment

1. Which south American country did Paddington Bear come from?

2. What year did X factor start in?

3. What was the name of the tower block Derrick Trotter lived in?

4. What type of dog was snowy?

5. What was John Eric Bartholomew’s stage name?


1. Which American pop star is the singer of the New James bond song?

2. How many strings does a Violin have?

3. What are the first names of all the members of ABBA?

4. Which singer had the nickname Ol’ Blue eyes?

5. Which country won the 2019 Eurovision song contest?


1. What is the earth’s largest continent?

2. What is the capital of Mexico?

3. Which is the longest river in Great Britain?

4. Name one country that has a coastline on the black sea?

5. What country has the most natural lakes?

Final Question

1. What does Covid-19 stand for? 


General Knowledge



30 Meters     30 Meters
60 Feet     19 Meters
45 Yards     41.148 Meters


4.31 Years Old



7.Prince George, the eldest child of Prince William


9.Kier Starmer

10.Sunday, 21st June

TV and Entertainment

1. Peru

2. 2004

3. Nelson Mandela House

4. Wire Fox Terrier

5. Eric Morecambe


1. Billie Eilish

2. 4 Strings

3. Agnetha, Anni, Benny and Bjorn

4. Frank Sinatra

5. The Netherlands


1. Asia

2. Mexico City

3. River Severn

4. Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, and Russia.

5. Canada

Final Question

Corona Virus Disease 2019

I hope you enjoy our little quiz and you're welcome to tell how you or your family or friends have done :)