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Men's Alpaca Socks (Pair) Black

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Mens Alpaca Socks (Pair) Black

Men's Alpaca Socks (Pair) Black

Alpacas are bred primarily for their wool, which has amazing properties;

  • Alpaca wool is shiny, silky, elegant and feels soft.
  • Alpaca wool is 3 times stronger and 7 times warmer than wool from sheep.
  • Alpaca fiber is incredibly soft to touch, not prickly, bears no lanolin, and therefore – hypoallergenic.
  • Alpacas come in a wide range of colors – 22 natural colours. 
  • Alpacas are typically sheared once per year in the spring.
  • Each animal produces from 2,2 to 4,5 kg of wool per shearing. 

Size: UK  9-11.5 (EU 43-46)
QTY: Pair (2 Socks)