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Unisex Travel Socks (Pair) - S/M/L/XL - Premium Quality - Soxo socks

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DR SOXO compression socks (Pair) - S/M/L/XL

Compression socks were designed to prevent such venous ilnesses like: swelling, vein inflammation and thrombosis. They produce compression which decrease vein diameter and so  brighten the blood flow and regulate blood pressure.

- They reduce the feeling of leg swelling during the flight.

- They nullify the feeling of heavy legs during the long journey.

- Ideal for all working persons both in sedentary or upstanding mode.


Size: Two size available (UK) 2.5-6.5 (EU) 35-40 (US) 3-5-7.5

                                        (UK) 7.5-11 (EU) 41-46 (US)  8.5-12